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Silkolene Pro 4 10W40 Motorcycle Race Oil - 4 Litre

Silkolene Pro 4 10W40 Motorcycle Race Oil - 4 Litre

Brand: Silkolene
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Fully synthetic, ester based 4-stroke engine oil, with Electrosyntec Technology, for all high performance motorcycles. Ensures long-term performance retention and has exceptional stay-in-grade characteristics, even under race conditions. Ideal for all highly tuned, high output engine transmission units and especially for larger capacity engines (750cc and above). Race proven to provide exceptional anti-wear and anti-friction performance under all extremes of temperature. Contains advanced surface chemistry to provide vital protection to pistons and bores, cam lobes and bearings, even during the cold start period before full lubricant flow is achieved.




Fuchs Silkolene Fuchs Silkolene have been producing high quality motorcycle oils for years. With one of the largest ranges of motorcycle oils available Fuchs Silkolene are bound to have the right oil for your motorcycle. Fuchs Silkolene also make many other products, such as cleaning & polishing products.



Oils, Cleaners & Lubricants
Type 4-Stroke Oil

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