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  • Abba Superbike Stand
  • Abba Superbike Stand
  • Abba Superbike Stand

Abba Superbike Stand

Brand: Abba
Product Code: 525110

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Conventional paddock stands are at best clumsy & at worst dangerous - Fortunately, there is an alternative which is superior in every way - The Abba Superbike Stand!


Check out the product video on the tab above, where you can see just how safe & easy this stand is to use!


  • - Totally safe, easy  to use, even for one person operation
  • - Extremely stable & secure as the Abba superbike stand locks on to a solid point, unlike conventional paddock stands
  • - Allows easy cleaning, maintenance & repairs
  • - No bobbins need to be fitted & the bike stays totally standard
  • - Fits both single sided & twin sided swingarms, no need to buy a new stand if you change your bike
  • - Won't scratch your swingarm unlike some conventional paddock stands



Ride Recommended "Easy to use alone and your bike won't fall off it" - Ride Magazine
MCN Awards "These stands are a real must, even if you only use the stand to hold the bike upright for cleaning it's worth the money" - Motorcycle News
Bike Magazine Recommended "The main advantage of the Abba over paddock stands was it's ease of use. One weedy person could easily & safely haul a heavy bike onto the stand. A paddock stand would have been a far thicker proposition" - Bike Magazine


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